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roulette rules

roulette rules

Roulette Rules

A game of Roulette can be really enjoyable if you understand the rules. This article will review the basic rules of Roulette: how to play and place bets. Before review some basic rules, you need to understand what a session is. A session occurs after each person spins the roulette wheel after each bet has been placed. In between each session you have time determine how much you would like to wager for the next spin. The length of the session depends on how many player are wagering. If you are playing Roulette online there is no wait period between wagers, unless you are playing a live game of Roulette.


You use chips to bet on a roulette game. The value of each chip is different depending on the table minimum and maximum denominations. After deciding what you would like to bet, place the chip, which represents the amount you would like to wager, on the appropriate spot on the table. You also have the option of making numerous bets of the same value per session as long as the meet or exceed the table minimum requirement. For example, if the table minimum is $6, then you can place 6 bets of $1 on the inside of the table. If betting on the outside of the table you would have to place $6 for each bet placed.

Inside Bets

Inside bets are numbers, a combination of numbers, or in the middle section of the table where the number grids are located on the border of the grid. Bets made within the inside of the table must meet or exceed the table minimum.

Straight Bets

This is a traditional Roulette bet. It is a one number bet, where the player can choose from any of the 37 numbers available.

Split Bets

A split bet is where the player bets on two numbers that are next to each other with one chip. When placing a split bet, put the chip between the two selected numbers.

Corner Bets

This is where the player places a chip on four adjoining numbers. You will if any one of the four numbers come up.

Street Bets

A street bet is place by placing your chip at the end of a row. When placing a street bet you are placing a the entire row of numbers. The table contains 12 rows with three numbers in each row. Your odds for this bet is 11/1.

Outside Bets

The outside of the table are the easiest and best places to bet. Each bet must meet the table minimum and the bet can not be split.

Red and Black Bets

On the outside of the table there is a spot labeled Red and Black. Simply place your chip on the color you believe will be the winner. You when whatever you bet.

Lo and Hi Bets

The low bets are numbers 1-18 and the high bets are numbers 19-36. Look on the area of the table that show low and high number grouped together.

Odd and Even Bets

On the outside of the table is where the Even and Odd spots are located. Place a chip on which ever one you think will win.


At the end of the table there are boxes marked 2-1. These are column bets and each box belongs to a a specific range of numbers. If you desire to bet on a group of numbers pick the 2-1 box. Your Odds will be 2/1.


The game of Roulette has three sets or groups of Dozens. The Dozens are in sets of twelve.

1. Dozen One - 1 thru 12
2. Dozen Two - 13 thru 24
3. Dozen Three - 25 thru 36

Look on the outside of the table for the spots labeled 1ST 12, 2ND 12 and 3RD 12. This bet also pay 2/1.

These rules should have you on your way winning money playing Roulette. Check out these online casino game sites: 888 Casino, Spin Palace Casino and Casino Euro.

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