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baccarat rules

baccarat rules

Baccarat rules

The baccarat game is a fun and simple game to play, but can be a tricky. It is similar to Blackjack. To begin, the players bet on either the bank (Banco) or the player (Punto). two cards are dealt to the bank (Banco) and to the player (Punto). The object of the game, is to score the number 9. If the hand is over 10, like holding a King and a 5, the first digit is dropped and the score is now 5. The wager will either fall on the Banco or the Punto. It is a 50/50 split.

Each hand will have at least two cards and no more than three cards. The person who deals will place two cards face down under the shoe and give the largest betting player the other two cards face down. The player or the Punto looks at the cards and gives them back to the dealer. The dealing player will turn over both hands and the casino dealer will announce the winners and the results.

If a hand has 8 or 9, then the hand is a 'Natural' and no other cards will be dealt. If not, then depending on the value of the hands the casino dealer will instruct the Punto dealer to deal a third card. Once the dealing is complete, the cards are counted and the highest hand wins. Note: the Punto dealer is not responsible for payouts. Like the rest of the players he is playing against the casino.

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